Electronics & Communication Engineering

Course Objectives
 To introduce the concept of random variables, probability distributions, specific discrete and continuous distributions with practical application in various Engineering and social life situations.
 To know Laplace and Fourier transforms which has wide application in all Engineering courses.
 To enable the students to solve various engineering problems using numerical methods

Course Objectives
In this course the students are introduced to some basic tools in Mathematics which are useful in modelling and analysing physical phenomena involving continuous changes of variables or parameters. The differential and integral calculus of functions of one or more variables and of vector functions taught in this course have applications across all branches of engineering. This course will also provide basic training in plotting and visualising graphs of functions and intuitively understanding their properties using appropriate software packages.

To enable the students to acquire knowledge in the concepts of chemistry for engineering applications and to familiarise the students with different application oriented topics like new generation engineering materials, storage devices, different instrumental methods and to develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of chemistry