Electronics & Communication Engineering

Course overview

Testing with Moodle - BE 102 Design and Engineering : A testing environment which is a course for anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching@VAST-TC, Kilimanoor.

Designed to test the course including how to set up and effectively use Moodle in teaching. The course features:

  • Structured, easy to understand content
  • Grading tools, creating activities such as quizzes, glossaries and assignments, handling deadlines and managing enrolments.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is:-

  • To excite the student on creative design and its significance;
  • To make the student aware of the processes involved in design;
  • To make the student understand the interesting interaction of various segments of humanities, sciences and engineering in the evolution of a design;
  • To get an exposure as to how to engineer a design.

Expected outcome

The student will be:-

  • Able to appreciate the different elements involved in good designs and to apply them in practice when called for.
  • Aware of the product oriented and user oriented aspects that make the design a success. 
  • Will be capable to think of innovative designs incorporating different segments of knowledge gained in the course;
  • Students will have a broader perspective of design covering function, cost, environmental sensitivity, safety and other factors other than engineering analysis.