Course Objective:

Introduce the concept of embedded system. Identify the unique characteristics of real time systems. Define the unique design problems and challenges of real time systems. Design, implement and test an embedded system Assembly, C language programming and interfacing of peripherals.

Course Objective :

  • To introduce the concepts of high voltage generation and its application in Electrical Engineering
  • To introduce the types of over voltage occurring in a power system network and how the system insulation is coordinated for protection against overvoltage
  • To familiarize the testing methods applied to a power apparatus
  • To introduce the insulation design aspects of a EHV cable

Course Objectives:
 To provide fundamental knowledge in dynamics and control of Electric Drives.
 To justify the selection of Drives for various applications.
 To provide knowledge about cycloconvertors.
 To familiarize the various semiconductor controlled drives employing various motors.


COURSE OBJECTIVE:  The course shall provide: 1. Concepts of Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform & Discrete Cosine Transforms 2. Understanding about the development of algorithms for efficient computation of DFT 3. Details about the concepts of design of IIR and FIR filters. 4. Understanding of the realization of various structures for IIR and FIR Filters. 5. Practical consideration about sampling, multirate conversion and its applications 6. Concepts of quantisation effects in digital implementation of IIR and FIR systems. 7. Introduction of the architecture of DSP processors