• Course objectives: Course Objectives To expose the students to the thrust areas in Mechanical Engineering and their relevance by covering the fundamental concepts.
  • Expected outcome : The student will be able to understand the inter dependence of the thrust areas in Mechanical Engineering and their significance leading to the development of products, processes and systems.

Elementary concepts of electric circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, constant voltage and current sources, Matrix representation; Magnetic circuits, energy stored in magnetic circuits, Electromagnetic induction, Alternating current fundamentals; AC circuits, phasor representation of alternating quantities- rectangular, polar; Three phase systems, star and delta connection; Generation of power, power transmission and distribution; Transformers, Electric Machines-DC Machines, AC Motors.

To enable the students to acquire knowledge in the concepts of chemistry for engineering applications and to familiarize the students with different application oriented topics like new generationengineering materials, storage devices, different instrumental methods etc. And to develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of chemistry

The subject is mainly meant to excite the student on creative design and its significance and to To make the student aware of the processes involved in design. This will make the student understand the interesting interaction of various segments of humanities, sciences and engineering in the evolution of a design thereby help the student to engineer a design.