Communication Skill: Introduction to Communication, The Process of Communication, Barriers to Communication, Listening Skills, Writing Skills, Technical Writing, Letter Writing, Job Application, Report Writing, Non-verbal Communication and Body Language, Interview Skills, Group Discussion, Presentation Skills, Technology-based Communication.
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Creativity, Lateral thinking, Critical thinking, Multiple Intelligence, Problem Solving, Six thinking hats, Mind Mapping & Analytical Thinking.
Teamwork: Groups, Teams, Group Vs Teams, Team formation process, Stages of Group, Group Dynamics, Managing Team Performance & Team Conflicts.
Ethics, Moral & Professional Values: Human Values, Civic Rights, Engineering Ethics, Engineering as Social Experimentation, Environmental Ethics, Global Issues, Code of Ethics like ASME, ASCE, IEEE.
Leadership Skills: Leadership, Levels of Leadership, Making of a leader, Types of leadership, Transactions Vs Transformational Leadership, VUCA Leaders, DART Leadership, Leadership Grid & leadership Formulation.
Expected outcome
The students will be able to
· Communicate effectively.
· Make effective presentations.
· Write different types of reports.
· Face interview & group discussion.
· Critically think on a particular problem.
· Solve problems.
· Work in Group & Teams
· Handle Engineering Ethics and Human Values.
· Become an effective leader.



This subject helps to study the Basic principles and laws governing fluid flow to open channel flow including hydraulic jump & gradually varied flow and understand basic modeling laws in fluid mechanics and dimensional analysis.
To apply the fundamental theories of fluid mechanics for the analysis and design of hydraulic machines