Course Objectives

  • To develop ability to critically analyse and evaluate a variety of management practices in the contemporary context;
  •  To understand and apply a variety of management and organisational theories in practice;
  •  To be able to mirror existing practices or to generate their own innovative management competencies, required for today's complex and global workplace;
  •  To be able to critically reflect on ethical theories and social responsibility ideologies to create sustainable organisations.
HS300 Principles of management.pdfHS300 Principles of management.pdf

Course objectives:
*To impart knowledge regarding the design of the various minor irrigation structures
* To convey the knowledge on the causes of failure, design criteria and stability analysis of
different types of dams

Course Outcomes:
The students will be able to
i. Perform the stability analysis of gravity dams
ii. Explain the causes of failure of different types of dams and their design criteria
iii. Design minor irrigation structures such as regulators, cross drainage works and canal falls

CE302 Design of hydraulic structures.pdfCE302 Design of hydraulic structures.pdf

Course objectives: 

  • To introduce the principles and practice of Highway Engineering and Airport Engineering.
  • To enable students to have a strong analytical and practical knowledge of geometric design of highways
  • To introduce pavement design concepts, material properties, construction methods and to design highway pavements.
  • To understand the principles of traffic engineering and apply this for efficient management of transportation facilities.
CE308 Transportation engineering - I.pdfCE308 Transportation engineering - I.pdf

Objective of this course is :

  • To provide adequate knowledge for coding in C++ language
  • To give awareness about the different computational methods and their implementation to analyze basic Engineering problems