Course objectives: 

To introduce the Object Oriented Programming paradigm using C++ and Java as the languages.

To learn simple Android application development from the fundamentals.

To have a thorough understanding of the basic structure and design of an Embedded System

To study the different ways of communicating with I/O devices and standard I/O interfaces.

To study the basics of RTOS for Embedded systems.

To study the programming concepts of Embedded Systems

To study the architecture of System-on-Chip and some design examples. 

IC Fabrication Technology, CMOS IC Fabrication Sequence, CMOS inverters, Design rules, Static CMOS Design, Dynamic CMOS circuits, Pass transistor, Read Only Memory, Random Access Memory, Sense amplifiers, Adders, multipliers, Testing of VLSI circuits.


Overview of Random variables and Random process, Overall picture and relevance of digital communication, Digital Pulse modulation, Signal space concepts, Matched filter receiver, Review of Gaussian random process, Digital band pass modulation schemes, Detection of signals in Gaussian noise, Pseudo–noise sequences, Importance of synchronization, Spread spectrum communication, Diversity techniques, Multiple Access Techniques

This course will expose students to basics of various types of antenna, its design and radiation characteristics. Antenna parameter measurements and radio wave propagation will also be covered in this subject.

EC306 Antenna  Wave Propagation.pdfEC306 Antenna Wave Propagation.pdf