Course objectives  

To develop and strengthen entrepreneurial quality and motivation 

To impart basic entrepreneurial skills

To run a business efficiently and effectively.

To understand and gain complete knowledge about.

1. Basic wireless, cellular concepts.

2. Radio wave propagation and Mobile Channel models.

3. Various performance analysis of mobile communication system

4. Standards of 2G ,3G,4G  system 

Course Objectives:

  •  To discuss different types of microphone and loud speakers
  •  To know different types of recording systems
  •  To get an idea of display devices used in TV system
  •  To discuss the working of TV systems
  •  To understand projection display systems.


  1. To know use of computers in communication as well as in network formation.
  2. To examine mode of data transfer, layer and protocols related to networks.
  3. To understand about the functions and services of all 7 layers of OSI model.
  4. To get an idea of various network standards.
CC Syllabus.pdfCC Syllabus.pdf

Course Objective

  1. To simulate real life situations related to Electronics and Communication Engineering and impart adequate training so that confidence to face and tackle any problem in the field is developed in the college itself.
  2. To culminate in gaining of major design experience in the related area of specialization.
  3. To realize constraints like that related to economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health & safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
Project and Viva-Voce syllabus.pdfProject and Viva-Voce syllabus.pdf

To know the Origin of Bioelectric potential and their measurements using
appropriate electrodes and Transducers.

To understand how to measure various biochemical and nonelectrical parameters of
human system.
To understand the Electro-physiology of various systems and recording of the
bioelectric signals.
To discuss the working principles of various Imaging techniques.
To understand the design aspects of various Assist and Therapeutic Devices.