This course is a fundamental course on Electronics Engineering, as per the syllabus of KTU. This  course covers the fundamentals of passive components, semiconducting material , and some electronic devices also. It also covers some of the applications of these devices in the field of electronics engineering and study about some measuring instruments as well,


Sustainability- need and concept, challenges, Environment acts and protocols, Global, Regional and Local environmental issues, Natural resources and their pollution, Carbon credits, Zero waste concept  ISO 14000, Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment studies, Sustainable habitat, Green buildings, green materials, Energy, Conventional and renewable sources, Technology and sustainable development, Sustainable urbanization, Industrial Ecology.

Course Objectives
•      To have an increased awareness among students on issues in areas of sustainability
•      To understand the role of engineering and technology within sustainable development; 
•      To know the methods, tools, and incentives for sustainable product-service system development
•      To establish a clear understanding of the role and impact of various aspects of engineering and engineering decisions on environmental, societal, and economic problems.